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CDSW not working with Kerberos

CDSW not working with Kerberos

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We recently installed CDSW latest version on our existing HDP cluster which is kerberized and when we try to add principal and password under Hadoop Authentication tab , we get following error


Could not authenticate using provided Kerberos principal and password.


And we try to upload a keytab it fails with error , keytab didn't upload succesfully, please try again later.


Our cdsw UI works fine and cdsw validate command didn't show any errors. krb5.conf is present and its looking correct like we have in other hdp nodes and from the unix commandline user can do kinit and interact with hdfs, hive and spark without any issue.


If anyone faced this issue or can provide some insight it will be a great help.





Re: CDSW not working with Kerberos

Cloudera Employee

Please verify you have the same krb5.conf file on CDSW master and worker nodes as on other HDP nodes.

Verify CDSW master host can communicate with KDC server, also check the nslookup result (forward/reverse) from the master host for KDC server.

Verify if you have the same REALM (domain) settings in krb5.conf, also check if the CDSW nodes are part of domain_realm.

Try changing the hostname for the KDC server to IP address in krb5.conf.