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Dear members,

I am facing an issue when creating a new data engineering cluster on top of Azure using Cloudera Altus (cloud).
I am evaluating Cloudera Altus with the canonical 30 days trial.

I am able to create a new environment on Azure (I have the Owner role on the subscription) and I have created a new resourcegroup for Altus resources (I have also deployed the basic elements required such as DNS machine & Co).

When I try to create a new cluster I receive a "non talking error" that mention

"An internal error occurred when creating the cluster. Contact Cloudera Support or log a support case. (CREATION_GENERAL_ERROR)"

No other messages are presented, how can I discover the reason that makes the cluter process fail?
I am using the TRIAL and I cannot raise a direct ticket to the support.

Thanks in advance for all the help you can provide.



Rising Star
Hi Roberto,

Thank you for asking!

1) Please kindly provide the name and date/time of creation of the cluster. Similarly, if this fails for termination, please provide the same for the time the termination was attempted.

2) Do you repeatedly see the same cluster creation failure over Azure?

3) For Azure-service related issues with Altus clusters, please gather the following info from the Azure Portal:
- Login to
- Navigate to Resource Groups
- Select the Resource Group of the cluster in question
- On the left hand column under Overview, select Activity Log
- Filter Event Severity to Error and Critical
- Review the Operations Names that have Failed or Critical Statuses, click any related items, select JSON and copy the contents to the filed support case. Or if you prefer, we can coordinate a webex session to gather this information)

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