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CSV Coma Delimiter Split in Spark RDD but NOT to split coma with in double quotes

New Contributor

I have a CSV file with data as below



2,shiva,amber kings

my requirement is to read this file to spark RDD, then do map split with coma delimiter. but giving code this splits all comas val splitdata =",")

i do not want to split coma with in double quotes. But I DO NOT want to use REGEX expression. is there any simple efficient method to achieve this?


Also 2nd requirement is read above csv file to Spark Dataframe and show it but I need to see double quotes in result output should look like in table

id            name                                                   comp_name

1              raj                                                          "rajeswari,motors"

2              shiva                                                     amber kings

double quotes are not shown normally if you read csv to data frame but is any way to do it?

I am using spark 2.4 / Scala 2.11 / Eclipse IDE


New Contributor

Hi! Did you find the answer? Right now I'm dealing with the same issue