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Can I add a custom timestamp column in HBase table which updates whenever a row is inserted/updated?

New Contributor

The data is sourced from a different system and is loaded into an HBase table using a replication process.

The target table in Hbase is called Hbasetbl1

Can I create a custom column "HBase_Created_Date" which creates the timestamp of when a row is inserted/updated in this target table?


Source table: tbl1

1Abc01-04-2019 14:0001-04-2019 14:10

Let's say the replication process, brings in the source row to HBase at 14:30

Target Table: Hbasetbl1

1Abc01-04-2019 14:0001-04-2019 14:1001-04-2019 14:30

You would have to develop a custom ReplicationEndpoint in which you add this new column on every row being replicated.

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