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Can I build nifi dataflow from scratch using the REST API

I am building a system where I would like to allow users to write the sequence of operators/processors in text and the system programmatically build and run the corresponding nifi dataflow without using the drag and drop GUI. I looked at the REST API and it seems that I can use it to configure an existing dataflow, however I need to build the connections between processors from scratch for every user request. Is this capability provided by Nifi ?


@Tarek Elgamal

The rest api is capable of doing everything you can do via the UI.

Master Guru

@Tarek Elgamal

The easiest approach to learning the ins and outs of the rest-api is to use the developer tools in your browser to capture the rest-api calls being made as you manually perform similar actions via the NiFi UI. The developer tools in most browsers will even allow to save off those interactions as curl commands.