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Can I change sourcecode of HDP 3.0.0 and use it in my commony ?

New Contributor

We use the free version of HDP 3.0.0, which is an open source version, and we can find the source code on Git.  if we make some changes to the source code in HDP 3.0.0, (for example, some changes in Yarn or spark, or a separate upgrade of a component such as Zeppelin to the latest version), and use it in the company's production line (the company uses it internally, and does not sell the product or provide cloud services), is there any legal risk or violation of an open source protocol?



@RickWang If you can point the exact repo on GitHub I can try to take a look and can come with an answer. Normally if this is available on public Git then you can fork and modified as per convenience in my opinion.

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