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Can I install Spark 2 on the QuickStart VM?


I'm interested in learning Spark, but I'm of the impression that it would be better to focus on learning based upon Spark 2, instead of Spark 1.x.  


Spark 1.6 is part of the current Quickstart VM (v5.12), but I was wondering if it was possible to install Spark 2 instead?  I migrated to Parcels and enabled Cloudera Manager on the Quickstart VM, but I don't see Spark 2. 


Is there a way of installing Spark 2 on the Quickstart VM?


Master Collaborator
Yes, just need to download a parcel for Spark2, activate it, and then go to Services -> Add new service.


for Cloudera manager, it needs minimum 8GB RAM. Is there any way I can replace current spark 1.6 version to 2 without using parcel so that I can run the VM with less than 8 GB?


this is the parcel location to download


please refer the below url for the walkthrough


refer the screenshots. 

please let me know if you need more information. 







New Contributor

I am not able to download because it is asking for user name and password can you please help me  


Unfortunately I was never able to get this working.  The cluster would crash, things wouldn't work, etc... I'm going to sit this one out for now and just wait until an updated QuickStart VM comes up with Spark 2.  I'll just use a different distro. for now for Spark 2.



CDH 5.12.0-1.cdh5.12.0.p0.29 conflicts with SPARK2 2.0.0.cloudera.beta2-1.cdh5.7.0.p0.110234.


Screenshot - 6_17_2018 , 3_01_13 PM.jpg

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