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Can NiFi autoscaling is possible in AWS, how can we create new nodes, when one node is down?



Nifi is not capable of spinning up a new node if one goes down, some of the threads in community says, autoscaling is possible in AWS .

AWS Auto Scaling monitors your applications and automatically adjusts capacity to maintain a steady, predictable predefined number of a node if a specifically configured alert is triggered eg Bad health or lost heartbeat.


We have a setup in our 3 fixed node cluster. To established authorised nodes communication within the cluster we need to provide host names in authorizers.xml file. 

So I need to know how we can autoscale our NIFI clusters, where we need to update our authorizers.xml file in each and every instance. 

Any help would be highly appreciated. 





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NiFi  as a service alone can not autoscale irrespective of the type public/private cloud provided until it is customized and managed by different automation and scaling applications over the public cloud.


But Cloudera offers NiFi as Data flow Expreinace in the public cloud which does support autoscaling Please check for more info.


Thank You.