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Can not access DP URL which is installed in a physical server

Cloudera Employee

Hi there,

I've installed DP in a physical server and found I can not access the Web UI.

The info is the following.


when I attach the dp-app container.

The following error showed continuously.


when I do telnet localhost 443

connection closed by the host.

Does anyone experience this kind of problem?

Thanks in advance.


Cloudera Employee


after some investigation. I found the cause.

The error of dp-app is the following

2018/09/03 14:09:17 [ERR] (view) "service(dlm)" health services: error fetching: Get http://dp-consul-server:8500/v1/health/service/dlm?passing=1&stale=&wait=60000ms: dial tcp i/o timeout

I ping dp-consul-server from host found that it response from IP

So I add CONSUL_HOST="host ip" into /usr/dp/current/core/bin/

and move the line source "$DP_PATH"/ to the back of CONSUL_HOST="$CONSUL_CONTAINER" in /usr/dp/current/core/bin/

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