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Can't download dependencies from Cloudera Repositories

New Contributor

Hi everyone.


I can't install some dependencies from Cloudera Repos using Maven 3.3.9.maven.png







Compiling with the following command:

mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true -Dhttps.protocols=TLSv1.2


It gives the following error:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project xxx: Could not resolve dependencies for project com.example:example:jar:1.0.0: Failed to collect dependencies at org.apache.spark:spark-core_2.10:jar:1.6.0-cdh5.8.0: Failed to read artifact descriptor for org.apache.spark:spark-core_2.10:jar:1.6.0-cdh5.8.0: Could not transfer artifact org.apache.spark:spark-core_2.10:pom:1.6.0-cdh5.8.0 from/to cloudera-new-repo (😞 Received fatal alert: handshake_failure -> [Help 1]



Any clue about what's going on?


Thank you 🙂



Super Guru



I'm not sure of the cause, but the error indicates the TLS handshake is failing when your client is connecting to "".  There are many ways a handshake can fail, so without much information it would be hard to give you more. 


Since we see "Received Fatal Alert" that indicates the server likely failed the handshake.  If that happened before the ServerHello that could relate to ciphers (as the client will send a list of ciphers it supports and the server will choose one that overlaps with those the server supports.  If none overlap, that can result in the server failing the TLS handshake and reporting that event to the client.  This is theory, but it is still possible.


You might try removing the "-Dhttps.protocols" option to see if that changes anything.  If it does, then it is indeed likely a matter of what ciphers were supported by client and server.



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