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Can't find the name of my ambari server host

New Contributor


I'm following the Apache Ambari Installation tutorial and I'm stuck in point 6.2 Log In to Apache Ambari.

When trying to point my web browser to


I don't know which is my server's name.

I have already tried the following command:


But still have not found it.

Could you please help me?

Thanks in advance.


@Nacho Bagui To really answer this question, you'd have to tell us what OS (or distribution of Linux) you're running. From the looks of the command you tried already, I'd guess you're running something that's Unix-like.

Try using the 'hostname' command at the command line:

[juser@ip-172-31-254-254 box]$ hostname

…in this case, the string ip-172-31-254-254 is the hostname you can use in the browser to access Ambari.

Alternatively, you can try 'cat'-ing the /proc/sys/kernel/hostname "file", like this:

[juser@ip-172-31-254-254 box]$ cat /proc/sys/kernel/hostname

…again, the string returned by the operating system, ip-172-31-254-254 is the hostname. You may need to fully qualify it in the browser.

Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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