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Can't start CM on 5.4.2 quick start VM


Can't start CM on 5.4.2 quick start VM

New Contributor

I downloaded the 5.4.2 quick start VM, and I gave 8 G and 2 processes to my VM.


I want to start all the services using express CM.


I got the following from terminal:


Success! You can now log into Cloudera Manager from the QuickStart VM's browser:


Username: cloudera
Password: cloudera


However, when i access http://quickstart.cloudera:7180, it showing following

Unable to connect

Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at quickstart.cloudera:7180.


I want to ask two things : 


1) Where I can see the CM start log

2) What is the commandline to start each service? (Hive and Spark) ? 


Re: Can't start CM on 5.4.2 quick start VM

New Contributor

Hi Serena,

You will have to start the Cloudera Manager service before you can see it on the portal. Try starting the CM from the Desktop icon. Once you double click it, it will tell you what command needs to be run to start the cloudera manager. Copy that command and run it on the terminal window. This should start the CM services and once started you should be able to access the CM thru the portal. hope this helps.




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