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Can't start Sandbox 2.6.1

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I've downloaded and installed Oracle VB 5.1.26
I've downloaded HDP_2.6_1_docker_virtualbox_28_07_2017_15_12_53_hdp__ambari_

I start SandBox and see "OS chooser" (see screen)

Which OS should I to choose ?
I can't find answer in your tutorials:



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@Alex Miller

"CentOS Linux (4.12.4 ....)" works well for me. So far i did not face any issue while running this Sandbox 2.6.1 . I did not try the other CentOS 3.x version .

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I have the same problem as"Paul Hodor Aug 22 at 04:26 PM" from this thread (

After 20 minutes of working VM i hit button and get more info(see screen)
My VM has 16 GB RAM and NAT adapter is configured correctly.

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I've tried to use VMware Workstation Player and It works fine !!!!

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There is no need to select anything on that screen as the bootloader will automatically select the first kernel which is the correct choice.

Thanks for pointing this out, we will adapt future boxes so that that screen is not visible to create any further confusion.

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