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Can we authenticate users in Nifi using Ldap? Does this requires to run Nifi in HTTPS mode?

Cloudera Employee

I have performed all the steps mentioned in the document,but still it doesn't prompts to enter username and password. Looks like it ignores ldap authentication if running in HTTP mode.

The document also says "NiFi does not perform user authentication over HTTP. Using HTTP all users will be granted all roles."

Does this mean I need to generate certificate and run Nifi in HTTPS mode for Ldap authentication? iF not how to do ldap authentication


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Cloudera Employee

Thanks Eyad, That's what i was looking for. As per the document it does says it needs to run in HTTPS mode for ldap authentication.

Rising Star


That is correct - NiFi LDAP authentication only works over HTTPS.

If you want to secure user access via LDAP in NiFi, you need to configure NiFi in HTTPS mode and remove HTTP access.

Check out the following article for details of configuring LDAP auth via NiFi:

@Laurence Da Luz That might be a little outdated. I have an updated Article for HDF-2.x and configuring LDAP via Ambari.