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Can we disable service checks in ambari before and after upgrade


Can we disable the service check steps during hdp upgrade?

Currently we have hdp 2.5.0 and are planning to upgrade to 2.6 .We have some custom implementation because of which some service checks fails.Is there a way to disable service check during the upgrade as when i tested and skipped the service checks the upgrade was stuck at final stage due to service check failure after upgrade .


Cloudera Employee

Hi @tauqeer khan, you can exclude the service checks in this file (/var/lib/ambari-server/resources/stacks/HDP/2.6/upgrades/upgrade-2.6.xml) where your ambari server is located.

Look for the SERVICE_CHECK group and add your service into the exclude section:

<group name="SERVICE_CHECK_2"title="All Service Checks"xsi:type="service-check"><direction>UPGRADE</direction><skippable>true</skippable><priority><service>ZOOKEEPER</service><service>HDFS</service><service>YARN</service><service>HBASE</service></priority><exclude><service>AMBARI_METRICS</service><service>LOGSEARCH</service></exclude></group>

Hope it helps.


: Thanks for the response will try it out.

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