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Can we install CDP 7.1.7 on premise physical machines?


hello Team,

We need spark 3.2.1 and latest hive with it. So I have check and found its present in CDP 7.1.7

Can we install CDP 7.1.7 on premise physical machines?
Please suggest/help with my above question. Thanks


Cloudera Employee

Hi There,


sure, the on-premises part of the CDP stack is called CDP Private Cloud Base. To install this on the machines you can refer to the following documentation page:


On top of that, you will need to add Spark 3 as a custom service descriptor. We refer this package as CDS, and you can find the installation guide here:


Hope that helps,


Master Collaborator

Hi @dmharshit 


As you know, Cloudera provides the Hybrid data platform, so you can install the CDP product in on-premises and public cloud or both.


CDP Private Cloud Base product is supported only for On-Premises cluster. 

CDP Public Cloud Base product is supported for public cloud like AWS, Azure, GCP.


@fzsombor already shared references how you can install CDP Private cloud and how to install Spark3 as well. 


Please let me know still you need any further information.