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Can we load data directly from HDF Nifi cluster to HDFS in a different HDP cluster?

I want to read a csv file which has lat long data through Nifi and each record will hit a solr-cloud instance for reverse-geocoding. Post which, the information needs to be loaded into a different HDP cluster for different Hive processing. I understand I can directly load the data into Hive tables using Nifi which is also an option.

However, i'm not sure how to directly load data into HDFS on a different cluster. Can any of you point me in the right direction? Any documents or blogs I can refer?


@Gaurav Mallikarjuna

For simply copying data from one cluster to another you can use the DistCp tool.

hadoop distcp hdfs://nn1:8020/source hdfs://nn2:8020/destination 

Where hdfs://nn1:8020/source is the data source, and hdfs://nn2:8020/ destination is the destination. This will expand the name space under /source on NameNode "nn1" into a temporary file, partition its contents among a set of map tasks, and start copying from "nn1" to "nn2". Note that DistCp requires absolute paths.

For more details and options on DistCp you can check the following guide:

@Dinesh Chitlangia I am aware of distcp. As described in the description, I have to parse each row and do reverse-geocoding using solr. Then each record is enriched with geo location information. I want to write the updated flow files into a different cluster rather than writing the flowfiles into HDF cluster and then Distcp to another cluster. I'm trying to avoid this unnecessary over-head.

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