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Cannot Connect to Spark ThriftServer from Tableau on HDP2.5 Sandbox

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How to connect to Spark ThriftServer from Tableau on HDP2.5 sandbox?

I installed both the Hortonworks Hive ODBC Driver and SparkSQL ODBC Driver. Tried using both the drivers connecting to both Spark 1.6 and Spark 2 ThriftServer, but all failed. I am trying on Mac OS X.

Attaching failure screenshot.



You need Spark ODBC driver, not Hive, username authentication should work if the cluster is not kerberized, make sure you did port forwarding of port 10015 on your Sandbox VM (if on VirtualBox goto Settings->Network->Advanced->Port forwarding) and retry. On a "real" cluster (haven't tried Sandbox) both Spark-1.6 and Spark-2 Thrift servers work fine.

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I tried both the Hive and Spark driver, neither works. Also configured port forwarding. What version did you test on your real cluster?

I tested on HDP-2.5.3 and "Hortonworks ODBC Driver for SparkSQL (1.5 & 1.6)" for Windows 32 bit found on Hortonworks download page. By the way, my DSN setup dialog looks different. Can you download and try this one. Also try with no "Username" (empty field).

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@Predrag Minovic On my real HDP cluster, Tableau was able to connect to Spark 1.6 Thriftserver, but failed fetching table metadata. Have you ever seen this before? The table default.crimes exist and I can query it using beeline either via HS2 or Spark TS.


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