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Cannot access Nifi Web UI after set


I have a problem about Nifi Web UI. When I set, I could not access Nifi Web UI on browsers by public IP, example: http://localhost:8080/nifi/, I only could access Nifi Web by host name, example: http://luan-ht01:8080/nifi/ . Do you have any solutions? Thank you very much.

I 'm using Nifi 1.9.0.


Master Mentor

@luan ha

Are you sure that "lunc-ht01" is your Public Hostname (OR) Private hostname ?

Is that public hostname "lunc-ht01" mapped with IP Address "" ?

On the Nifi Host can you please try running the following command and share the output.

# curl -s -o /tmp/public-hostname.txt  ; cat /tmp/public-hostname.txt 

# cat  /etc/hosts

# hostname -f

# netstat -tnlpa | grep 8080


Can you check your Local machine where you are opening the web browser to verify your "/etc/hosts" file to see if it is pointing to the Private IP Address of "lunc-ht01" ? On your Local machine where you are opening the browser.

# cat /etc/hosts

# telnet  8080
# nc -v  8080



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@luan ha

If you want to be able to access the NiFi UI via all of those URLs, then you will have to clear the property.