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Capacity Planning for applications to use hadoop

We have lots of applications who wants to use Hadoop. I am doing a capacity planning for the data they bring in

I need recommendations for data nodes, task per node and memory required in hdp environment to process the data

lets say i have 10 TB of data and this for one year, so how do i calculate the above things

Hardware i have is: 48 CPU cores, 251.6 GB of RAM and 23 TB of disk space in data nodes and there are 50 data nodes



Hi @sudi ts

We do have some basic guidance on cluster planning in our documentation here:

However, for specific application utilization planning, I would recommend getting in touch with your local Hortonworks team and asking for some time with the local solution engineer. The solution engineer can work with you to uncover additional detail that helps with sizing beyond just the data sizing.

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