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Certain steps take lot of time to install with DSX local and at times installations running get terminated. Not sure why installation does not continue?

When I am installing DSX local, the installation process is stuck on a few particular steps for a prolonged period(hours). Why is that? Is that normal behavior and sometimes because of this behavior the installation terminates. Why does the installation not continue without throwing any errors.


Cloudera Employee

It is likely that the termination occurred because of a service timeout. After step 20, the installer tries to set up services on the cluster. These services are pulled from a docker container to be installed. It is likely that these services failed because of a predefined timeout.

There are many steps in the installation process which will take nearly hours to install, the reason is that installer tries to reconnect to these services but connection just times out. At this moment, the timeout periods are not configurable, we have raised this issue with the engineers from IBM.

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