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Change Sensitive Parameter Context property value


Hello All,

Here is my use case 

I am using Nifi 2.0.0.M1 . I developed one flow where i am connecting to a database and converting result to Json format and store these file on to a folder. 

This flow (flow.json.raw) is then deployed on a VM that contains Minifi. This flow works fine.

Note : In Nifi , all the connection string - with user id and password ( Sensitive = True) is stored in Parameter context.  Where as after generating the Flow.json.raw , this information (all the properties in Parameter Context - Nifi)  is present inside file ( flow.json.raw) under Parameter Context Object.



Issue  :   

Problem here i am facing is , when i deploy this flow on another VM where user provide its own userId and Password ,  i can edit Flow.json.raw  file  and update ParameterContext -   UserId . But since password is stored in encrypt format. i can't change the ParameterContext - password value.

I need to store the Password in the encrypt format so that flow running under minifi should understand it and perform the operations. 


What i Tried

I tried Encrypt-Config under Nifi Toolkit



i tried to perform encryption using the algorithm mention in 


I am still searching for a method through which i can encrypt the password in the same way Nifi is doing with its ParameterContext properties where sensitivity flag is TRUE