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Change default password for keyadmin kms within blueprint

Rising Star

I'm trying to deploy kms server within cloudbreak blueprints.

I struggle with changing the password for keyadmin:

            "kms-properties" : {
                "properties_attributes" : { },
                "properties" : {
                    "KMS_MASTER_KEY_PASSWD" : "super_secure_master_key",
                    "DB_FLAVOR" : "POSTGRES",
                    "db_name" : "db_name",
                    "db_user" : "db_user",
                    "db_password" : "super_secure_password",
                    "SQL_CONNECTOR_JAR" : "org.postgresql.Driver",
                    "REPOSITORY_CONFIG_USERNAME" : "keyadmin",
                    "REPOSITORY_CONFIG_PASSWORD" : "super_secure_keyadmin_password",
                    "db_host" : "db_host"

After starting the cluster with the procided config the password for keyadmin is still keyadmin.....

Is that correct? Thanks, Andrzej


Rising Star

I found an answer on my own. Keyadmin password is set to default '"keyadmin" and can not be overwritten till HDP 3.0 version. If you are using stack < 3.0 you have to change password after deployment of the cluster.