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Change the Hue load balancer port in a Director script ?

New Contributor

Hi there, 

I would like to change the Hue load balancer port in my Cloudera Director script.

What should I write ? 


(I want the equivalent of this : image.png)


Thank you in advance !


Expert Contributor

Always use the configuration API name with Cloudera Director.

See for the API names.


This is a Role config (not service-wide) so the config must be placed in each instance group that contains a hue load balancer role.



cluster {
configs {
# service-wide configs are placed at the cluster level
} instance-group-name { roles { HUE: [HUE_LOAD_BALANCER] } configs {
# role configs are placed in the instance groups HUE { HUE_LOAD_BALANCER { listen: 8889 } } } }


New Contributor

Sorry for my late reply.

This helped me a lot !

Thank you very much !

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