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Change zeppelin permissions for csv file

Expert Contributor

I've create a csv file through my session user1 on Zeppelin with dataframe: dataFrame.write.format("com.databricks.spark.csv").save("/tmp/myFile.csv"), but I realise, when I list the /tmp directory, that it's not `user1` who's the owner of the csv file when I display the content of this file but the `Zeppelin user`. I've done this:

hadoop fs -chmod 666 -R /tmp/webtrack/

but it's not working.

How can I change permission for this file through zeppelin session.


how about trying to make the file in the user's directory instead of tmp? You should have R/W access to your own directory...

Super Collaborator

that won't solve the issue, most likely the Zeppelin user will not even have write access to the home dir of user1.


What you describe is expected when using spark/spark2 interpreter. If you like to have impersonation with zeppelin you should use livy/livy2 interpreter and then those files will be saved as the user that is logged in to zeppelin instead of user zeppelin.

The %sh interpreter may be failing to change the file permissions because is configured to impersonate your user. You can check the same by running whoami command within %sh and see which username it prints.

If you still like to use spark/spark2 interpreter then you need to save the file to a location where authorization to other users is granted (perhaps via ranger or hdfs posix) - This needs to be done by an administrator that has privileges to change folder/file permissions.


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Expert Contributor

I try what you propose but it's still not working but I think that I should use livy for the future project,

What I do is:

user$su - <br>root#su - hdfs <br>hdfs$ hdfs dfs -chmod -R 777 /tmp/myFile.csv<br>hdfs$hdfs dfs -ls /tmp/myFile.csv<br>drwxrwxrwx   - zeppelin hdfs          0 2018-08-10 13:09 /tmp/myFile.csv

it's working now

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Super Collaborator

you executed the code above from within Zeppelin? Did you get an error message? Is the difference between /tmp/myFile.csv and /tmp/webtrack/ just in the post, and you actual file was /tmp/webtrack/myFile.csv? When you listed /tmp you listed the tmp dir in the hdfs?

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