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Check tcp.sender IP in IP Range - NiFi


I would like to check if the tcp.sender attribute of a ListenTCP NiFi processor is within any of 3 IP ranges specified in a json file and route (using RouteOnAttribute) based on the IP range detected.

I guess the function found here: could be used but I don't know how using NiFi.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


I solved this by writing a regex for each IP range I am routing to after having broken down to individual attributes the ListenTCP tcp.sender attribute.

E.g. For the Least Significant Byte of the IP address (IP_LSB) I did a regex: IP_LSB <-- ${tcp.sender:substringAfterLast('.')}
Note: I have already updated tcp.sender with ${tcp.sender:substringAfter('/')} to get rid of the forward slash in the attribute.

Hence in the RouteOnAttribute processor I can now do a regex on the individual parts of the IP.
E.g. Route to r_first for Value: ${IP_LSB:toNumber():gt(34):and(${IP_LSB:toNumber():lt(63)})}
That is, if the LSB of the IP address is between 35 and 62 inclusive, the routing would be to r_first.

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