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Check when no output produced


I would like to be able to check when a Nifi processor run successfully  but without producing any output, i.e.,  nothing passed to the downstream process for further processing.  I would like to configure an email notification that no output produced by the processor.   Any help would be appreciated on how to make such a  Nifi validation process to so such check  generating one-line text, such as "Nothing produced by XYZ processor"


hi @Love-Nifi 


can you please let me know which processor you are trying to use?


This is the actual processor being used:  ExecuteScriptMarkLogic   When thing returned from XQuery script, no output generated for next flow.  


Basic the Xquery does not return anything (null return)

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As @Magudeswaran  mentioned it depends on the concrete processor you are using and the format of the response you are expecting.
For example after an ExecuteSQL I check the content this way using RouteOnContent.

Check no-contentCheck no-content

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