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Checking hive partition

Created table in Hive with dynamic partition enabled..

Adding partition on daily basis

ALTER TABLE test ADD PARTITION (date='2014-03-17') location 's3://'

Now ,How do I ensure that whether partition added or not ?


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show partitions mytable;

Note: if you have more than 500 partitions, you may want to output to a file:

$hive -e 'show partitions mytable;' > partitions


Refer below:

For ex:

hive> SHOW PARTITIONS partitioned_user;

Thanks for your answer, I am looking for kind of API to tell that, partition added or not.. I will be difficult to check the partition status daily and take call when there is a failure. ( Want to automate rather checking it manually)

@Gobi Subramani - How are you creating the partitions? Is there a particular pattern, you will be following.

If yes, you can write a small shell / python script which can call the above command to check if the partition exists. And then you can probably add that to the cron job.

@Namit Maheshwari

Yes, there is a pattern for creating partition (yyyy-mm-dd) ..

OK,your idea is , run the command and store the result and check for the existence of the partition ?? Is there any other simple way to check ?