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ClassNotFoundException when using external library

ClassNotFoundException when using external library



I think this will be an old problem , except for newbies like me.

I have seen some pages which talk about this both on stackoverflow and here


I am using a jar file in my map function, and the jar is accompanied by a .so file.


When I run with just java (no hadoop) it works.

 java  -Djava.library.path=/folder/containing/sharedobjects/ -classpath /externaljars/some.jar:.:/tmp/mypack/   mypack.MyTest


When I try with hadoop it says ClassNotFoundException .

hadoop jar myjar.jar mypack.MyClass  -libjars /externaljars/some.jar  -Djava.library.path=/folder/containing/sharedobjects/
Error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:  Someclass
but Someclass is present in some.jar

in my run method I have included this, although it is deprecated:
DistributedCache.addCacheFile(new URI("/folder/containing/sharedobjects/"), conf);

I can use "hdfs://host:port/libraries/", but not sure if I should use localhost:50070.

In my map method I have
 System.load((new File("")).getAbsolutePath());

If someone can reply back with the latest correct usage, it will be very useful. Thank you.


Re: ClassNotFoundException when using external library


I have also copied the third party shared object file , into these folders




I have already tried various methods suggested by various sources, but still looking for a definitive answer which works.



Re: ClassNotFoundException when using external library


I found a workaround, I think.


basically my tool runner was throwing a warning saying cannot read command line options.

I changed the usage slightly , as per


no longer warning, and I think because I copied the shared objects into  lib/native , it sees the shared objects


I think it should also work with command line options now, without having to copy to   lib/native

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