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Cloduera manager custom database clarification




I am confused ,could see the attachement and let me know whether the highled portion is for HiveMetastore configuration or it has to do with the Cloduera manager management  service pertain to Hive .

Where do i have to configure Hivemetastore to use custom database mysql. ? when my cluster is manged by Cloudera manager . Any help is highly appreciable 



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1- Create a hive database.
in the mysql server:
create database metastore;
grant all on metastore.* TO 'hive'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'hive';
flush privileges;
You need a mysql connector and hiveJDBC


@Fawze where do i place those jars when my clusters are being managed by Cloduera manager .

Moreover could you let me know is that screen (attached one ) is the place were I configure  hive metastore . 

or should I have to do to ADD SERVICE -> HIVE

because this screen is in the middel of the instllation .,if you see i m configuring default database to Cloudera managed serices like host monitor,service ,navigator etc


why do i need  a hiveJDBC  driver ? @Fawze


hey guys could you help me out ?? @mbigelow @saranvisa plz i am totally lost 


Were do i place the mysql-jdbc driver ? the above screen is in middle of installation of cloduera manager . 

I have not added service yet i mean ( cluster->add service -> hive->we will select host roles ) i am not there yet. 

am i doing something wrong ? please refer the initial screenshot that i shared. 

my goal is to have a shared metastore for hive / impala ? 

meantime i am not seeing /usr/lib/hive - folder is it because i havent added the service ? 

if so what is this hive in the screenshot is for ? 

@MattPatt I don't have my notes in front of me or access to my cluster right now.

I recall that CM and HUE/Hive/Oozie have slightly different requirements but don't recall which is which and the exact path. One is ok with just installing it with the package manager (RHEL) and the placement of the jar from the package. The other needs it in a specific location. The path /usr/lib/hive sounds correct for the placement of the mysql jdbc driver.

I'll come back to this when I can be more accurate than just my memory.

To address some of the other questions. The Hive JDBC driver is needed on the clients that will be connecting to HS2 remotely. It is not needed on the HMS host.

The highlight portion of the screenshot is where you would enter the database details for your HMS database.

To tag onto what @Fawze mentioned, I always do the following before starting the add cluster wizard or install CM for that matter.

1. Install MySQL
2. Install the MySQL JDBC driver on the hosts that will be running CM, RMAN, AMON, HUE, Hive, Oozie, Nav, etc.
3. Create the necessary DBs
4. Create the necessary users
5. Grant privileges to the users to the dbs
6. Flush privileges




The default path for  mysql-connector-java.jar is  /usr/share/java


Refer this link and make sure you have suitable mysql connector version