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Cloudbreak - Change owner of Cluster to LDAP group/users



I have configured Cloudbreak with LDAP user authentication and group Authorization. When i log in to Cloudbreak UI using one of the LDAP users, i'm not able to view any of the available cluster, credentials which i can access using only the default user configured during the initial cloudbreak configuration. Could anyone help me how i can change the ownership of the cluster, credentials to a LDAP group/list of users.

Any help would be much appreciated.




Expert Contributor

Hi @Cibi Chakaravarthi,

Which CB version do you use?


Hi @mmolnar,

CB Version is 2.7.0.

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Hi @Cibi Chakaravarthi

This is not working by default on CB 2.7, because we don't group users by account in this version.

we identified 2 possible solution:
1) Wait for 2.8 TP (coming pretty soon) or more preferably for 2.9 GA to have this feature
2) This involves some workaround as we don't really support this feature. Workaround includes the following:

  • editing uaa-changes.yml with account settings
  • restart CB
  • delete then add LDAP mapping again using cbd
  • running some SQL in CB DB to change ownership of current resources to this account instead of user (or start from a clean Cloudbreak installation)
  • clusters must be started from CB CLI as the UI doesn't support creating clusters for an account (cluster created vi UI would be only visible for the user who created it)


Hi @mmolnar,

Thanks for the workaround. Me too thought of editing the ownership of the cluster in CB DB to a LDAP user, but i wanted to know whether i can provide access to the cluster resources in cloudbreak for all users within an LDAP group. If there is no possible workaround for this feature, will wait for future releases to bring out this feature. Thanks again!

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