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Cloudbreak Output link from Azure Not working


Cloudbreak Output link from Azure Not working

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I followed an easy set up here to provision Cloudbreak through Azure marketplace. It was fairly straightforward to set up. I used this link

How when i try to access the link from the output URL, i can not reach cloudbreak. Below is what i get


So i try to troubleshoot by SSH into the VM. I run a cbd update, and doctor and looks like it's fine. Please see screenshot below


So i continue to start cloudbreak. I execute cbd start and i get this error


Then i find the Profile file, and update password, and execute cbd start again and I get this error where i have been stuck for some time now. There are little to no information out there so please if you can help. That will be very great.



If this is a problem with the docker image then i believe the Quickstart documentations need to be update. Please help @Dominika @paul @VidyaSargur @ansharma1 


I was picking the link from here