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[Cloudbreak] Some services are not populated in list of exposable services via knox on CB ui


hey , i am using following custom blueprint

<a href="/storage/attachments/92936-hbasehawithcompute.json">hbasehawithcompute.json</a><br>


but i am unable to expose hive through knox gateway as in services list its not being displayed in cloudbreak create cluster mode, can you please help in how can i enable hive jdbc access(as well other acceses) with current blueprint , or please suggest correction in blueprint



I think i got to know the reason , but you guys can validate it , if a component is present in more than one node then that it is not available for exposed service in knox service , i made hive server as single component and it became available through gateway, other component which need to be HA cannot be exposed in cloudbread via knox ? can you confirm ? i will look for code in repo though

@navdeep agarwal

You are right about your presumption, HA services cannot be proxied.

You can find the relevant piece of code here:

Hope this helps!

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