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[Cloudbreak] autoscaling group not syncing up on with cb on nodes termnation


here is the situation we are facing

we have ambari groups with on spot instances , when a instances got terminated aws ASG tries to fill it but cloudbreak unknown of the new instance cloudbreak gives error of aws and cloudbreak not in sync. can new instances added be made aware to cloudbreak and removing the old instances which got terminated.

or is it something that we have set wrong or missing something.


Re: [Cloudbreak] autoscaling group not syncing up on with cb on nodes termnation

Rising Star

Cloudbreak is disable the ASG processes by default and use it when a scaling action has been triggered on it's API to do the necessary modification. Cloudbreak could not handle that situation when you enable all the processes on the ASG and AWS dynamically replaces nodes within the ASG. But Cloudbreak autoscaling functionality checks the status of every available node(Ambari agent) and will mark the deleted instances on the UI that manual action required. In this case you can run synch or delete manually those instances from the UI that will delete the instacnes from provider side if still exists some resource of them and then delete the related metadata. By modifying the size of the cluster you can add new instances.

Also synch functionality could be used to check that the Cloudbreak metadata is up to date with the provider side instances.