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Cloudbreak on Azure can't send email

I installed Cloudbreak 1.14.1 on Azure. I can't add users because emails don't get send. In earlier versions I could work around this by looking for the email in the cloudbreak log, now nothing shows up in the log.

I openend all outgoing smtp ports, but that wasn't the issue.

Where can I look to solve this issue? The log doesn't show anything.


Expert Contributor

Hi @Peter Teunissen,

I picked this up and searched for the problem. What i found is "SMTP is not supported by Azure". So you have to configure an external email service by following the documentation:

Dhanya and I noticed this issue too. Is this issue scheduled to be fixed?

Expert Contributor

The fix is out of our scope unfortunately. Azure blocks emails to avoid spam clusters for example.

@Peter Teunissen Most probably it depends on the region where you installed Cloudbreak, and how they are blocking e-mail traffic.

I've started two deployments from the quickstart template, one in East-US, where all my 3 invites to 3 different e-mail platforms arrived immediately. (1 to spam), and one in North-Europe where none of my invites arrived.

That'll be the problem. My VM is in West-Europe.

Then unfortunately this is something out of our reach. You might try setting up an external SMTP service. Hope this helps!

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