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Cloudbreak related queries

New Contributor

Q1. Cloudbreak automatically creates instances and assigns keypair but we are not able to login to those instances using putty as we do not have keypairs/.pem file for those. Is there a solution for this ? Q2. We do not see any option to select mount point for installation in cloudbreak. How to specify specific mount point for installation of HDP components & Services Q3. Can we deploy components/services on existing aws instances available under EC2 in our account instead of auto scaling. i.e can we select aws instance of our choice for installation of Ambari & HDP components.


Expert Contributor

Hi @Akbarali Momin

Q1: when you create a credential you have to define the public key to the instances. If you have a public key which generated with a private key file how it is possible that you do not have that file?

Q2: currently this is not possible. What is your scenario where you need a specific install path?

Q3: you can not select specific instances for cloudbreak deployment. You can use dedicated instances but I think this is not enough for you



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