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Cloudbreak url is not working after VM restart

Expert Contributor


I have launched cloudbreak hortonworks data platform on Azure. The url was working properly before VM restarted. When I restart the vm the url is not working. Is there any other way to open cloudbreak UI ?

Thank you


Cloudera Employee


By default cloudbreak is not installed as a service, so if there is a VM restart, you have to ssh into the machine and manually start up cloudbreak.
Starting cloudbreak manually:

#navigate to directory
#start cloudbreak
cbd start

After a bit the UI should be available.

If you plan to restart the VM regulalry it's probably worth to wrap it as a service.

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It worked for me.

What does it mean "wrap it as a service" ?

Cloudera Employee

I believe Azure marketplace image uses Centos and it has a service manager called systemd.

Here is a guide how to make a service wrapper with systemd:
You have to set the WorkingDirectory to /var/lib/cloudbreak-deployer/ and ExecStart to cbd start