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Cloudera API get info about cluster with service and role?

New Contributor


Now I can get info about cluster and get hight-level parameters, but I don't get info about hosts with info about cluster with help to:


api_instance = cm_client.ClustersResourceApi(cm_client)
clusters = api_instance.read_clusters(view="FULL")
cluster = clusters.item[0]

api_instance = cm_client.ServicesResourceApi(api_client)
services = api_instance.read_services(, view="FULL")

api_instance = cm_client.HostsResourceApi(api_client)
hosts = api_instance.read_hosts()


In this case, after read_cluster I do not get information

about hosts and roles inside items, I need to get them separately.


Can I somehow "in one line" get information about the cluster and all the sheets nested in it? (Hosts, services, roles, etc.)



@mananasaly The deployment json can be obtain from this command: http://<Cm-server-host>:7180/api/<apiversion>/cm/deployment

you can look at the name of the parameter. Does this something can help? 

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