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Cloudera Altus on azure

New Contributor


i'm trying to deploy Cloudera Altus paas cloud on azure but provider (Azure) tells me that compute ressource is not available trough North Europe.

i've looked at az vm list-skus and list-sizes and found the correct vms except cloudera altus console displays entries like STANDARD_DS12_V2 (56 GiB 4vCPU) whereas azure tells STANDARD_DS12_V2 (28 GiB 4vCPU) but 56GiB SSD.


is there something wrong somewhere?

am i wrong?


Thank you for your help



Hi TldnSysadmin,


Thanks for reaching out to the Cloudera Community and raising this to our attention!


Regarding the instance types reported within the Altus Web UI where the various instance types report specs that aren't aligned to the corresponding Azure instance types is a bug.  I'll go ahead and file this on your behalf to get this resolved in an upcoming update. 


In the meantime, regarding the reported symptom of "compute resource(s) not available", this is a separate issue and we can certainly work with you on resolving that.  I will reach out via PM (private message) so that we can further assist with troubleshooting this issue.


Kind Regards,




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