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Cloudera Cluster Blueprint


Cloudera Cluster Blueprint

New Contributor

Hi Everyone. 

I got 2 Cloudera Hadoop clusters and I want to get their blueprints. I cant use Ambari Blueprint because It belongs to hortonworks. How can I get blueprints of my Cloudera Clusters ?

Thanks.Best Reg.


Re: Cloudera Cluster Blueprint



Yes its possible you can create a CDH Cluster using a Cloudera Manager template which is the equivalent of Ambari Blueprint see link above
The Cloudera template can be used to :

  • Duplicate clusters for use in developer, test, and production environments.
  • Quickly create a cluster for a specific workload.
  • Reproduce a production cluster for testing and debugging.

Please read carefully above document and here is a simple command to generate the template aka blueprint this will export the template in JSON format.

This is how you run the command on the CM host CLI.
curl -u admin_username:admin_user_password "http://Cloudera Manager URL/api/v12/clusters/Cluster name/export" >

Then follow the procedure of  preparing a new cluster 

Hope that helps

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