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Cloudera Hadoop Administrator Certification




I am working as Hadoop Administration since 2 years and i do have worked on installation,configuration for YARN and other components as well. I do have basic knowledge on cluster planning and installation of kerberos security  as well.

Now, I am planning to go for Cloudera Hadoop Administrator Certification and before making payments i want to know the difficulty level of the test and also want to know should be prepare topics before giving kick start to exams.


Also, some examples test questions will be helpfull to understand the difficulty level and level of preparation it needed.


Any information will be a great help for me.






Hi Sidharth,


This page has information on topics covered (also mentioned in many of the anwered posts in the right sidebar). It’s tough to comment on difficulty - that’s dependent on each person. What I do know is that it is a multiple choice exam.

Good luck!


I have registered for the certification but I don't know how to take sample
test and other procedures or work which could help me to clear the test

Thanks in advance for your help


There's no practice exam, as far as I know. The page I linked to does detail the specific topics to study though.



The above community link says there is a practice test before and also if there is no practice test then how will I get to know the format of questions 

Community Manager

@sid2707 I can confirm that h@cloudera is correct that there is no longer a practice exam provided. The post you linked to is an older post from a time when there was a practice exam offered. I suggest checking out our community article of certification FAQs. Here is a tidbit from it around study material:


Q - Is there a Study Guide for Exams?


A - There is not a study guide available for exams, but Cloudera tells us exactly what we will be tested on.  


For example, the Required Skills at tell us that we need to be able to join disparate datasets together using Spark. So go look up the join command in Spark.  Write a quick five line program in Scala.  Then write one in Python.  Also, browse the online documentation so you know where to look up the API during the exam (remember you will not have access to a search engine during the exam).  Putting in effort before the exam will save you a lot of effort during the exam.




Cy Jervis, Manager, Community Program
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Thanks. I am working as hadoop administrator but before giving test for
certification you need to have a bit of idea about test difficulty level
and you need some kind of practice test or at least few sample questions
which will give idea of your knowledge about the domain and preparedness
for the certification,which I am exactly looking for and really finding
myself confident of giving test because just subheading "Describe the
function of HDFS daemons" will not help you in understanding the type of
question you will be asked in the test.

Answer of hdfs function can be simple as distributed file system for hadoop
cluster but for certification your questions and answer both will be of
different level and in-depth .




According to me, no one can provide you this kind of answer but you can search materials on google and get the complete study materials.



Hey all,


There is actually a new certification being rolled out. It is completely task based:


If you've been an administrator for some time, you should be fine.

New Contributor

For this new certification, is there any way to study or train correctly to give the test? Since I understand that it is more practical


Hey, Dear 🙂

I would love to share few study materials for Cloudera Hadoop Administrator Certification course:-

Firstly, you have to manage your time and your study according to the timetable.

Read these books:-

Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop Ccah Exam Unofficial Review Questions and Answers 2016/17 Edition
Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop Last Minute Guide: CCD-410

If you have budget, I want to recommend you that you should do the course from Koenig Solutions because I did Hadoop administration course from the same institute 🙂

Thanks for your help.

I am unable to get that document .Can you kindly provide any links to
download it.



Previously it was like multiple choice questions and answers ,pretty straight forward. 

Now it is more of like Red Hat linux certification , they will you problem to slove in the cluster and you should solve the issue using Couldera manager or command line in hadoop, if i remember correctly sometimes they will also check your linux knoweldge by asking something related to disk space , process state , premission etc 


I belive this is an effort taken by cloudera to avoid dumps preparation which is illegal . 


Trust me the cource is only for the jump start (4 days u will not learn much )  ,

i learnt pretty much more with my test and trial . 

I dont thing the cource or training is enough for the certification . As everyone says read the hadoop definite guide and follow the cloudera forum were u can fish lot of problems and solution. Take some time to get certified . Just letting my thoughts 


 Concencrate more on the hadoop configuration files all  the xml And its properties .
FInally  - Hadoop Operations and Hadoop Defintie Guide should be the bible for your Certification .
Hope  this is suffice .
My mantar is not to get overwhelmed while preparing for certification .
1. read many books 2 .build your own clusters and play around. 3. dont be hurry in for certification unless you feel confident . mate
good luck 🙂

I want to recommend you that you should do the course classes from any well respected institute. I did this course from Koenig solutions that's why i want to suggest you that you should do this from Koenig solutions :-
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