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Cloudera Navigator Monitoring

Cloudera Navigator Monitoring

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In cloudera navigator is there a way to automate audit reports on a daily basis?

Also when I run an audit report I am trying to grab the sequel that is run for that audit.

But the query runs within a second.  Is there a way to find the sequel behind that audit query?


Re: Cloudera Navigator Monitoring

Super Collaborator

Hi @shodan13 ,


The Navigator UI provides the option to create defined Audit Event Reports [1] which can be easily executed and the results downloaded from the Navigator UI.

As for automation, you can think of writing a custom script leveraging the Navigator API [2]
Please have a look into the "getAudits" API endpoint, you can access the Navigator API help in your cluster with an URL like [3] On this page you can easily try out setting values for the queries and see the results, plus it will show you the final URL to use for the query in your custom script.

[1] "Cloudera Navigator Audit Event Reports",
[2] "Cloudera Navigator APIs",
[3] http://<navigator-hostname>:7187/api-console/index.html#!/audits/getAudits


Thanks and hope this helps,


Li Wang, Technical Solution Manager

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