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Cloudera Navigator Notification


I want to know whether I can make custom trigger or use alert to get notification from cloudera navigator about my concerns.


For example, I want to get e-mail when somebody change role in sentry through cloudera navigator (because cloudera navigator do auditing).


I'm using cloudera 6.0 enterprise version now on.


Thank you.


Cloudera Employee

Hi dhlee,

There isn't anything in Navigator that will do this for you. However, you can stream the audit events to syslog or Kafka and have a script or consumer that watches for the specific event types and acts on them.

There's info on how to publish the audit events here:



Thank you for your reply 🙂
I understand that I can gather the events about my concerns by using Kafka. But I got one more question. After I gather the logs with Kafka, can I get an email interactively whenever the new logs generated?