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Cloudera Pavigator PARTITION output format change


We used to use Cloudera Enterprise 5.8 and implemented some code to fetch partitions info from Cloudera Navigator API. But after updating to current Cloudera Enterprise we got that code failing to process partitions.

Unfortunately we can't revert back to check what actually was changed.

Could you please help with providing sample JSON output for the same PARTITION for old and new versions? Did you change something in output JSON (any fields addded\removed\renamed)?


Cloudera Employee

Hello @Nukala,


You updated from 5.8 to a newer version?  What is the new version?


Cloudera Employee

Have you reviewed the 5.13.x API documentation found at the link below?

Since you have an Enterprise license, suggest you submit a case as this is very unlikely to be resolved here..

Could you please let me know how to submit a case?

Cloudera Employee

Hello Nukala,


The first requirement is that you in fact have a Cloudera license, which dictates the level of support your organization has.  However the Community was not designed to be a place from which to submit cases.  So primarily you would need to be an existing and supported Cloudera customer.  Are you such?


Thank You,


Bob Wells

Community Manager



Thanks for your reply and the additional information. Since this issue is not caused by any Cloudera product defects, we’ve reached the limit of what assistance can be provided via Community support. This thread will remain open if other community peers want to contribute.


If you’re a Cloudera Subscription Support customer, we can connect you with your Account team to explore a possible Services engagement for this request. Let us know if you’re interested in this path, we’ll private message you to collect more information.

Cy Jervis, Manager, Community Program
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