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Cloudera Services on Kubernetes

New Contributor

Hello Everyone,

We are a leading bank and have implemented Cloudera in our on-premises environment. Our management has taken a decision to implement Kubernetes in future so I would like to know which Cloudera services supports Kubernetes and which services does not. 


Appreciate if someone can help me in this regard. clouderacluster.JPG


Super Collaborator

@joshtheflame CDP Private Cloud Base, for on prem, is able to be deployed on openshift kubernetes.  

CDP Public Cloud, in Aws, Azure, or GCP is fully kubernetes deployed in the respective cloud kubernetes platforms.   CDP is Hybrid and Multi-Cloud capable as well.


Check out CDP Private Cloud Base:


and CDP Public Cloud:




I just wanted to provide a bit more context. The partial page shot you've included above appears to show Cloudera Manager running against a CDH 6.1.0 cluster. CDH 6.1.0 was released in December of 2018. As you no doubt are aware, that was quite a while ago, especially in terms of "internet time". Hopefully you are aware that CDH 6.1.x has reached its End of Support (EoS). You can find the most recent official reminder of the previous announcement that Cloudera Enterprise 6.x reached End of Support (EoS) in 2021 here:

March 2021 Customer Advisory - 2: End of Support for Cloudera Products (CDH/CM 6.x & HDP 3.x).

Cloudera's lifecycle support policies are documented here:

My understanding is that organizations with a valid Cloudera subscription for legacy products such as CDH would have been sent this announcement directly.


If that screenshot represents what your bank is running in production, I would recommend that you reach out to your Cloudera Account team and discuss your upgrade options as soon as possible. You are going to have to upgrade in order to take advantage of any of the offerings mentioned in @steven-matison 's reply earlier.



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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