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Cloudera UI is not starting


Cloudera UI is not starting

New Contributor

Hi All,


I have a 3 node hadoop cluster setup, which uses embedded postgres. The issue am facing is that the cloudera manager is not starting properly, specifically it is not starting the embedded jetty server. 

- The port on which the UI starts, which is 7180 is not bound to any other application. 

- The server logs do not show any error messages. 

- The connection to embedded postgres server is fine. Am even able to get access to the postgres using CLI. 

So, the manager server just starts, and then hangs. 


Some things I have tried.

1. Restarting the service. 

2. Restarting db

3. Tracing the cloudera server start call. 

4. Migrating the CM server to some other node as described in the documentation. The new setup also hangs at the same exact log line. 


Any ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


Re: Cloudera UI is not starting

Expert Contributor

Hi @nishant,


- When you try to access CM through GUI, what it shows in your web explorer?


- Check the status: service cloudera-scm-server status -l


- Check the log file of your Cloudera Manager, which should be located at /var/log/cloudera-scm-server directory


If you dont view anything, kill all processes(also dead processes) and then restart all.






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