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Cloudera manager/agent installation without root user



I have setup hadoop cluster on my DeV/UAT/PROD env using the tar balls manually with fid. now its getting difficult to maintain or add new datanode or new software as cluster size is growing. also we are not allowed to login through fid so frequantly on PROD env.

Cloudera manager/agent requires root user access to install,if  i had this; my work would have been easier.


We have policy that what all softwares can be installed using root access and what not. so cant install cloudera manager/agent using root access by Unix Sa.


Is it possible to install Clouder manager/Agents using fid  or non root,non root group users ? Kindly help.


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Hi, Please let me know if you got a way to install Cloudera Manager using non-root user. Stuck with the same problem.

No... not even got the reply from cloudera employee.

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Any update on this? did you manage to install without root access?

No,I installed through tar balls manually.

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Oh ok. So cloudera manager is not available then?


Cloudera employee , any update on this please ?

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Hi @hrishi1dypim,


Up through 5.15.x we have "Single User Mode" which allows you to run CM and agent as another user.  Whether the install can be done as a non-root user depends on what privileges you have I suppose.


That said, in CM/CDH 6.x, we are deprecating the Single User Mode and may move toward a docker-based solution for restricted environments as you describe.


For now, if ou are using Cloudera 5, you can use these instructions to see if Single User Mode will work for you: