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Cloudera manager configuration symlink

Cloudera manager configuration symlink

Is there a way to change the "/etc/hadoop/conf" symlink to point to /etc/hadoop/conf.cloudera.yarn instead of /etc/hadoop/conf.cloudera.mapred
I am manually changing symlink to point to/etc/hadoop/conf.cloudera.yarn but it automatically points back to /etc/hadoop/conf.cloudera.mapred whenever i deploy config from cloudera manager.
As I googled around, I got the information that cloudera scm agent is updating it from either ofparcel.json or alternative.json config. I also checked both the jsons, could not find where can I change these settings.
Any help on this will be really appreciated

Re: Cloudera manager configuration symlink


I am able to update the symlink by using update-alternatives command "update-alternatives --set hadoop-conf /etc/hadoop/conf.cloudera.yarn". Also I increased the priority for yarn using command "update-alternatives --install /etc/hadoop/conf hadoop-conf /etc/hadoop/conf.cloudera.yarn 93"


But still when I am changing any configs in cloudera manager, symlink again points back to mapred and priority again gets refreshed.


Any help on this will be really appreciated.

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