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Cluster Set Up Service distribution


Cluster Set Up Service distribution


Hi Guys,

We want set up to a 6 node cluster(HDP 2.4 )with services like HDFS, MapReduce, Yarn, Hive, Oozie, Zookeper, Knox and Ranger with kerberos.

You can find configuration of these nodes below

2 Machines with

2x E5-2670V2 2.5GHz-25MB 10C CPU

448GB PC3-14900L RAM


and 4 Machines with

2x E5-2660V3 2.5GHz-25MB 10C CPU

128GB PC4-2133P RAM

2x 500GB 6G SATA 7.2k HDD RAID 1

10x 2TB 6G SATA 7.2k HDD JBOD

The Idea is to use the two machines with 448gb Ram for master services like Name node, Resource Manager, job tracker, hiveserver2 etc.

One Master will have Namenode alone and other one with Name node high availability and other services like resource manger, hiveserver2 and other master services. Is it advisable to install amabri and hue in Master or use a VM for that ? as in edge node ?

where should ranger and knox go ? is it one of the masters ?

I have been following some blogs and articles in hortonworks community, But I am not completely sure on how much the placement of services effect the cluster performance.

Please share any good articles on how to configure these master services.

Thanks in advance :)


Re: Cluster Set Up Service distribution

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@vinay kumar you should read Its better to install Ambari server on seperate node

Re: Cluster Set Up Service distribution

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@vinay kumar maybe you can find here what you're looking for, it's a cool cheat sheet for cluster configuration: