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Cluster manager setup in file for version 1.10

Hi - is there any documentation available for this version - most of the articles with for older versions are present, but the latest file does not contain the older properties. 


Example - latest properties file does not contain 

etc and so on. 


If someone could guide me on this setup steps required to have multiple nodes and a simple manager running - will be beneficial for me.

I am trying out these older properties too in the meantime. 





The existence of a dedicated manger instance of NiFi has not existed since the Apache NiFi 0.x versions.

As of Apache NiFi 1.x versions, NiFi now has HA at the controller level via the new zero master clustering capability.  With zero master clustering there is no dedicated "manager" node.  Instead NiFi clusters as of Apache NiFi 1.x require Zookeeper.  Zookeeper receives connections from all nodes in a NiFi cluster and will elected one of those connecting nodes as the "cluster coordinator" (receives heartbeats from all other nodes and handle request replications and makes sure nodes stay in sync) and a nodes as the "primary node" (primary node will run processor components configured to run on primary node only).

This is why you will not find a "" property in the Apache NiFi 1.10 file.  There are going to be number of new properties in Apache NiFi 1.x versions that did not exist in the older 0.x baselines.

You can find the latest admin guide with all the configuration properties defined here:

Hope this helps,

Thank you, Matt.

Is there also an article which mentions how to configure this zero cluster
management stuff ?




A good place to start is by reading this overview document:

Then you can get in to the details about NiFi clusters via the NiFi admin guide documentation:


The above will walk you through the configuration properties needing to be set on all nodes in what will become your NiFi cluster.

Thank you,


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